Miss Universe Vietnam brings spring to home village

(VOVWORLD) - Beauty queen H’Hen Nie was born and raised in an Ede ethnic minority family in Sut M'Dung village, the Central Highland province of Dak Lak. By winning the crown of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, she became the pride of the Ede people and her homeland. H’Hen Nie has returned to her native village several times to perform charity work, wanting to make a meaningful contribution to her community.

Miss Universe Vietnam brings spring to home village - ảnh 1Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie

H’Hen Nie came from a poor Ede village where many girls leave school early, get married, and stay at home to look after their children. H’Hen Nie wants to change this. She donated most of the 43,000 USD she received from donors after clinching a top 5 spot in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant to provide scholarships to school children, build community houses, preserve the handwriting of the Ede people, and provide fresh water and electricity to Sut M’Dung village.

“I hope to mobilize others to join me in community projects. I want to help the villagers achieve a better life and I’ll do all I can to reach that goal,” H’Hen Nie told VOV. 

H’Ngan Nie, a 6th grader in Sut M’Dung village, received a scholarship from H’Hen Nie. H’Ngan Nie said she admires the great will and determination of her neighbor and considers her a great example to follow.

Ms. H’Yim Kdoh, Vice Chairwoman of Dak Lak province’s People’s Committee, says H’Hen Nie is a role model and great inspiration to young people in Dak Lak province.

H’Hen Nie has been named an ambassador for the 7th Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival which will take place in March. H’Hen Nie said she will do her best to promote the image of Dak Lak province: “As an ambassador for this event, I hope to introduce the image of the friendly and hospitable Dak Lak people and welcome more visitors to our province. The festival is an opportunity to promote the coffee and other agricultural products and tourism of Dak Lak province”.

Miss Universe Vietnam brings spring to home village - ảnh 2

Ms. H’uc E ban, head of Sut M’dung village, says H’Hen Nie has helped change many old practices which have existed for a long time in the village. She also sets a good example as a young person who works actively for the community.