Old farmer builds Uncle Ho memorial house

(VOVWORLD) - Out of his great respect and love for President Ho Chi Minh, farmer Tran Van Cao of Dai Yen commune in Hanoi, spent years creating a memorial house honoring Uncle Ho. Hundreds of photos of President Ho Chi Minh are on display here.

Old farmer builds Uncle Ho memorial house  - ảnh 1

Mr. Tran Van Cao introduces his poems about Vietnam’s Communist Party and President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo: VOV)

Tran Van Cao was born in 1935. He worked for the Ministry of Irrigation and spent 8 years working in Laos during the war. Mr. Cao said that when he was small, he saw Uncle Ho’s pictures hung formally in the house by his parents. These images were imprinted on his mind.

When he grew up, his affection for Uncle Ho grew. He watched numerous programs, read newspaper articles about President Ho Chi Minh, and collected photos of the great leader. In 2019, Cao dedicated a room on the third floor of his house to displaying 300 photos of Uncle Ho’s revolutionary life and career. The photos are arranged in chronological order.

“The memorial room is divided into 3 parts: the first is about President Ho Chi Minh’s family background, the second focuses on Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary cause, and the third highlights peace restoration in the North, the war in the South and President Ho Chi Minh with foreign friends,” said Mr. Cao.

Many items on display at the memorial house are portraits of President Ho Chi Minh painted by Tran Van Cao himself. He also published a poem collection titled “The story of Vietnam’s history – Vietnam’s Communist Party, President Ho Chi Minh, and Revolution”.

“The image of President Ho Chi Minh is always in my mind. I wrote nearly 1,500 lines of poetry about different milestones when Ho Chi Minh went abroad to seek a path to national salvation, when he set up a revolutionary base in Vietnam, and when he defeated the French colonialists and the American imperialists,” said Mr. Cao.

Old farmer builds Uncle Ho memorial house  - ảnh 2

Mr. Tran Van Cao in his memorial house honoring President Ho Chi Minh.

Many students come to learn about Vietnam’s history. Duong Nhu Quynh, a student in Hanoi, said: “After seeing the photos and listening to the stories told by Tran Van Cao about President Ho Chi Minh, I know more about the great leader of Vietnam”.

Mr. Tran Van Cao was awarded a certificate of merit by the Council of Ministers for his great contribution to the society.