Ta Thu Phong’s collection of vintage books and magazines

(VOVworld) -  Mr. Ta Thu Phong’s house in Long Bien district, Hanoi, is like a library full of old books and magazines. Phong says each book and magazine is a rich source of information with great historical and aesthetic value.
Ta Thu Phong’s collection of vintage books and magazines  - ảnh 1
Ta Thu Phong and his collection of vintage books and magazines (Photo: vnexpress.net)
Ta Thu Phong began collecting old books and magazines when he was a student of  the Hanoi Law University. After 20 years, Phong now owns an immense collection of books and magazines. Phong says collecting books not only satisfies his great passion for reading but also helps to preserve the knowledge of mankind: “My collection of books grows as time goes by. Now I have 8,000 books and more than 100 newspaper and magazine collections. Each is kept in a different section”.

Collecting books and magazines takes a lot of time and effort. The collector needs a sound knowledge of authors and publishing details to assess the books he collects. It is hard work to track down old books and magazines, but this has not discouraged him from his hobby: “You need to have great passion and be willing to overcome difficulty to pursue your hobby. Whenever I hear about a precious book, I go immediately to get it”.

Phong’s books and magazines are classified in a specific way, according to press history: premature Vietnamese press, pre-war press, and revolutionary journalism from 1946 to 1954, journalism in the subsidy period, spring newspapers, and newspapers during National Party Congresses.

Phong’s books and magazines are often showcased at exhibitions. His small house is a regular destination for people seeking sources of information for cultural and scientific research. His book and magazine collection has drawn the attention of many scholars: “Many young people are surprised and moved when they read books and magazines of the past. I hope these old books and magazines will stimulate an interest in reading among young readers”.

Ta Thu Phong’s collection of vintage books and magazines  - ảnh 2

Ta Thu Phong is among those few who are making an effort to preserve the historical and cultural values found in book pages. Vu The Long is a cultural and historical researcher: “These old magazines include a lot of information which is considered a cultural and historical legacy”.

Ta Thu Phong is writing a book about the history of Vietnamese journalism and maintains a website devoted to old books and magazines.