VOV journalist leaves deep impression on readers

(VOVWORLD) - Journalist Tran Thien Nhien, whose pen-name is Quang Tuan, worked for the Voice of Vietnam for 24 years. Huy Nam and Tran Toan have the story.

VOV journalist leaves deep impression on readers - ảnh 1

Journalist Tran Thien Nhien (first from left) and his colleagues at VOV. (Photo: VOV)

Truong Cong Hoa, former deputy head of VOV’s News and Current Affairs Channel (VOV1), said: “Tran Thien Nhien was admired and respected by his friends and colleagues. At work he was always serious, enthusiastic, and decisive”.

Mr. Nhien fought in the resistance war against the French, and worked as a Chinese translator for many years. He worked for Propaganda magazine before moving to the Voice of Vietnam.

Tran Thien Nhien was prolific with reports, commentaries, and radio chronicles that traced Vietnam’s development in war time as well as peace time.

During the war, his reports on the scene inspired people to fight foreign invaders and reunify the country. Nhien covered many historic events, such as the first flight into space by a Vietnamese astronaut (Pham Tuan), the World Youth Festival in Havana, and the General Offensive and Uprising in Spring 1975 to liberate the South.

When the Communist Party of Vietnam launched the renewal process in 1986, Nhien wrote persuasive articles promoting this process.

Tran Thien Nhien has published a collection of 50 of his most memorable articles. Since his retirement, Nhien has continued to write articles for People’s Newspaper, Literature and Arts newspaper, and Economic and Urban newspaper.

Many of his articles have served as models for journalism students. MA Vu Thuy Binh, former lecturer of the Academy of Journalism and Communication, said: “I really like Tran Thien Nhien’s writing style and articles, especially those on society and agriculture”.

After his retirement, Mr. Nhien was invited to work as an editor for the VOV newspaper.