A story of hope in Ho Chi Minh City

(VOVWORLD) - The Hoa Mi 2 (Nightingale) Kindergarten in HCMC has been temporarily transformed into the H.O.P.E centre to take care for newborn babies whose mothers are infected with the coronavirus.
A story of hope in Ho Chi Minh City - ảnh 1New born babies, who mothers are COVID-19 patients, are taken care of at H.O.P.E center in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Hung Vuong Hospital manages the H.O.P.E center. It and has trained nursemaids on procedures and skills to care for newborn babies.

Associate Professor, Doctor Hoang Thi Diem Tuyet, Director of Hung Vuong Hospital said: “The children have had two negative tests for COVID-19. The babies are healthy. If their mothers were not COVID-19 patients, they would have skin-to-skin contact after the birth and be breastfed by their mothers.”

Many people have volunteered to work at H.O.P.E centre to take care of the children while their families are unable to take them at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many volunteers have never experienced motherhood, but take care of the children with love and compassion.

A volunteer kindergarten teacher says: “It’s an unforgettable experience to get through the pandemic. I’ve stayed at home for 4 months due to the school’s closure. Here I have to wear a face mask to talk and lull the babies. It’s not comfortable at all.”

A story of hope in Ho Chi Minh City - ảnh 2HOPE center in Ho Chi Minh City

The newborn babies at H.O.P.E sleep in blue and pink cradles. Hung Vuong hospital and donors have given them clothes, napkins, and milk. What they lack are their mothers and breastfeeding.

Le Thi Lan, who has recovered from COVID-19, came to H.O.P.E to take her child home. She said: “When doctors told me that my child would be taken care of at H.O.P.E, I felt secure. I have recovered and we are healthy. I hope the pandemic is contained soon so mothers and children will not be separated.”

The H.O.P.E center helps COVID-19 infected mothers feel secure while they are separated from their children for COVID-19 treatment. The H.O.P.E center is being expanded so newborn babies are taken care of before they can go home with their parents.

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