Binh Thuan province to welcome large number of foreign tourists

(VOVWORLD) - The south-central coastal province of Binh Thuan has grown to become one of the top resort destinations in Vietnam, attracting millions of foreign tourists. The number of visitors to Binh Thuan has increased annually and is forecast to increase sharply during the high season. 

Binh Thuan province to welcome large number of foreign tourists - ảnh 1

The high season for foreign tourists visiting Binh Thuan province runs from November to May. Foreigners from colder countries find Binh Thuan one of the best destinations to enjoy their holidays. Even at the beginning of high season, Ham Tien, a luxury resort in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet city has welcomed many tourists. Mui Ne is a popular attraction of the province which is also called “Sand Paradise” because of its splendid sand dunes, blue sea and special foods. Erin Phillips and her boyfriend, both from Australia, enjoyed their stay at Mui Ne and said: “When I googled, I was looking at places and towns nearby where I could have a stop and I found Mui Ne. I looked at it and it has sand dunes and beautiful beaches. It looks like nothing else we have seen in and around Vietnam.  I know that it is a perfect place for us.”   Besides traditional tourists from North Europe and Russia Mui Ne has welcomed a large number of new foreign tourists from China. Ms Dao Thai Tuyet Nhung, head of the reception section of PoShaNu resort, in Phan Thiet city said that most of them booked their rooms online. Nhung said: “Nearly 70 percent of our rooms were already booked. More tourists will come here next month and most of our rooms will be fully booked. We have welcomed the most tourists from North European countries and Australia.”

Seahorse resort is a favorite stay of Russian visitors. With 151 rooms, Seahorse can host more than 300 guests at the same time. Mr Tran Anh Thi, Managing director of the resort said that more and more foreign travel agencies have chosen Binh Thuan province as the holiday stay for their customers, and so tourist services should be increased. Mr Tran Anh thi said: “Foreign travel agencies said that in order to attract more visitors to Mui Ne, there are many things that still need to be done, including improving our services, which means better tourist products and staff. This is a key factor for our success in developing tourism more effectively.”

Binh Thuan province to welcome large number of foreign tourists - ảnh 2

 Ms Nguyen Lan Ngoc, Deputy Director of Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that based on the number of tour contracts signed with travel companies, this high season, Binh Thuan will welcome  more foreigners than at the same period last year. Ms Ngoc said: “This is the high season for foreign tourists to Binh Thuan province. All businesses working in the tourism sector are asked to prepare well from infrastructure to human resource to offer the best services to visitors to Binh Thuan province.”

Binh Thuan has welcomed more than 4 million tourist arrivals of which foreigners reached more than 400 thousand arrivals, increasing 17% against the same period last year. Binh Thuan’s final goal is always to become a safe, friendly, and quality destination so that they can attract more domestic and international tourists.