DX Museum&Library: An Indonesian DXer’s passion for radio

(VOVWORLD) -Situated on the outskirts of the ancient city of Yogykarta, Indonesia, the DX Museum&Library is considered a miniature version of radio stations around the world, including Voice of Vietnam. 
DX Museum&Library: An Indonesian DXer’s passion for radio - ảnh 1

The 60-square meter room, owned by radio enthusiast Hazarin R Junep, showcases 4000 books in 45 languages and more than 1000 souvenirs from radio stations, 100 of them are from VOV.   

A group of students were looking for materials at the DX Museum&Library for a study project.

“I’m currently studying Southeast Asia. Here I can find books and CDs about Vietnam’s culture, tourist attractions and music. It’s very interesting,” said Liana, a student from Gadja Mada.

All the souvenirs Junep has received over the past 30 years are categorized into regions and countries. He told VOV: “I have been listening to the radio since I was a little boy. I began collecting radio souvenirs in 1987 to help educate the younger generations. Unfortunately, many materials and items were destroyed during a major earthquake in 2010. I restarted from scratch and the DX Museum&Library opened in 2015.”

DX Museum&Library: An Indonesian DXer’s passion for radio - ảnh 2The VOV corner at  the DX Museum&Library  

56 year-old Junep can speak English, French, Russian and Spanish. Junep said he and his brother often tuned in to VOV broadcasts in English, French and Indonesian when they were young.

“I visited VOV during my first trip to Vietnam in 2012. I came with my son because I want to show him the beauty of your country. I love Vietnamese history, culture, the land and people and particularly admire President Ho Chi Minh, a friend of President Soekarno,” Junep recalled.

The Vietnam corner at the DX Museum&Library features VOV’s QSLs, a statue of a girl in the traditional long dress, a hat, and some Vietnamese currencies. On top are the Vietnamese national flag and a portrait of President Ho Chi Minh. Among Junep’s favorites are 10 Vietnamese stamp albums he collected during the 2012 trip. Junep said the weekend stamp market in Hanoi was his first destination upon arrival in Vietnam.

“Through a report on VOV, I’ve learnt for the first time that there is a regular stamp market in the world. Rain or shine, the market is packed with visitors, locals and foreigners alike. The trip enriched my son’s knowledge of Vietnamese history and culture,” Junep added.  

DX Museum&Library: An Indonesian DXer’s passion for radio - ảnh 3Junep and his son visit the stamp market in Hanoi in 2012 

The DX Museum&Library is open every day and admission is free. Junep plans to establish a Vietnamese study center to help Indonesian people learn more about Vietnam.