Fantastic art programs for International Children’s Day

(VOVWORLD) - International Children’s Day is true to its name as it is a holiday day for the children. Art troupes in Hanoi have organized many fantastic performances as gifts to them.
Fantastic art programs for International Children’s Day - ảnh 1A scene in Tam Cam drama by Le Ngoc Theater

The drama entitled Tấm Cám of by the Le Ngoc Theater is being performed at the Dai Nam and Hong Ha theater, Cultural Friendship Palace, and the Hanoi Opera House. The play is based on a Vietnamese folktale about two half-sisters: Tấm the eldest and Cám, the youngest. Tấm's mother dies early and her father remarries before himself dying soon after. Tấm lives with her stepmother, who is Cám's mother. The stepmother is very sadistic and makes Tấm do all the housework, whereas Cám does not have to do anything. In a stroke of luck, the King marries Tấm. The stepmother and her daughter try many times to harm Tấm in order to cause Cám to replace Tấm as the Queen.

The Tam Cam drama of Singaporean Director Chua Soo Pong is a different version compared to other traditional plays but still conveys similar messages of dignity.

Fantastic art programs for International Children’s Day - ảnh 2 A scene in Tam Cam drama

A child audience said: “It teaches me not to be wicked, to be kind to make a better life for myself. I love Tam, she’s a good-natured and honest girl. I learned a lesson of love and tolerance.

The Tam Cam drama has also touched the hearts of parents. Do Thu Thuy, an audience member in Cau Giay precinct, said: “The drama is interesting and educational. Besides the moments of levity to make children laugh, it conveys an important message about motherhood and that good people will always have happiness.”

The Youth Theater has brought to the stage the folktales “Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh”, “The blue bird”, and “The mermaid’s dream”. The dramas are produced with new features to excite the children’s imagination.

Fantastic art programs for International Children’s Day - ảnh 3"Son Tinh-Thuy Tinh" drama of Thang Long theater

The Thang Long Puppetry Theater has organized a special program for Children’s Day. The children will enjoy folk stories of dragons, unicorns, and giant pythons through water puppetry, stage puppetry, clowns, a circus, and dance performances.

Artist Le Chi Kien said: “Performing for children is a delight. We have to step into their shoes to understand their feelings. We tell stories from children’s point of view and thereby create close relations with the children. We convey a message of love for the nation, grandparents, and parents.”

The performances for children are diverse and cover a range of genres and topics, from folk stories and fiction to real-life issues such as environmental protection.