Farming on offshore platforms

(VOVWORLD) - Despite strong winds, scorching sun and salt water, vegetable gardens grown by soldiers on the DK 1 offshore platforms on Vietnam’s southern continental shelf still thrive. 
Farming on offshore platforms - ảnh 1 Limited space is made full use to cultivate crops and develop husbandry on the DK 1 offshore platforms. (Photo: Tran Tuan/ VOV) 

Limited space, waves and wind make it difficult for soldiers to cultivate crops and develop husbandry on the DK1 rig houses, short for "Scientific-Technological Economic Service Stations" in Vietnamese. In 2015, they started making full use of the space to grow vegetables, and raise poultry to improve their daily meals. Colonel Nguyen Van Lam, the Commander of the DK1 platform, said: “We grow different kinds of vegetables, according to the different seasons. Fish is also plentiful here”.

Vegetables are grown in plastic and sponge barrels brought from the mainland. The 100 square meter garden of the DK 1/20 platform produces more than 80 kilos of vegetables per month.

“There are two seasons here: rainy and sunny seasons. The severe weather heavily affects our life and cultivation. Vegetables and plants grown here must be carefully protected,” said Lieutenant Colonel Phan Cong Phung.

The DK1/16 platform is successful with a clean husbandry model. It is hard to raise animals in the harsh environment, thus every breed must be carefully chosen. Husbandry techniques and experiences gleaned from the media are applied by the soldiers, according to lieutenant Colonel Truong Anh Dao.

“We learn from folk methods about cleaning breeding facilities and protecting the animals from the wind. We now manage to produce 30 percent of the fresh food for our daily meals,” said Dao.

Farming on offshore platforms - ảnh 2

Lieutenant Colonel Truong Anh Dao looks after his vegetable garden.

Food safety and hygiene and epidemic prevention are given close attention. Colonel Do Van Thuc, the Commander of DK1/18 platform, said: “The medical staff check the sanitation situation every day to assure safe and clean husbandry”.

Thanks to the effort in self-sufficiency, the soldiers on the platforms now enjoy daily nutritious meals with fresh vegetables and meat.