Green Star club – rendezvous of young stage artists in Ho Chi Minh City

(VOVWORLD) - The Green Star Club in Ho Chi Minh City has been a venue for young stage students and artists to pursue their passion and come closer to audience. 
Green Star club – rendezvous of young stage artists in Ho Chi Minh City  - ảnh 1Artist of the municipal Drama Theatre stage the play "The age of 18".(Photo:

There are dozens of drama theatres in Ho Chi Minh City, from big to small, such as 5B, Trong Dong, Phu Nhuan, and the municipal Drama Theater. But for all the stages to act as venues for young, upcoming artists has proven less than viable. The Green Star club, established by professional artists of the municipal drama theater, has attracted public attention as a solution to increase the visibility of young artists and drama students.

New member Kita said: “I’m still very young. Young artists like me hope to bring new breath into Ho Chi Min City’s drama scene. The municipal Drama Theater has won fame for its professionalism and classic approach. We participate in this club in the hope of practicing and performing with all our hearts.”

The Green Star club is a venue for playwrights, artists, and directors who have undergone professional training, and also for amateurs who have not received professional training, but love acting.

Lam Ngoc Thao, a member of the Green Star club, told VOV: “Stage art is fading out. This club wants to revive the art and attract a larger number of audience. We will try our best to achieve that goal.”

According to director Tran Quy Binh, Vice Director of the municipal Drama Theater, the idea of running this club came out two years ago. Many young artists and newly-graduated directors could not find a place to perform after finishing their professional training. Many excellent plays were produced by students for their graduation, but were not introduced to the public.  All the while, the theater has been struggling to produce high-quality plays. The Green Star club helps professional artists stage these dramas.

Binh said: “Each artist and art troupe needs to always reinvent themselves. I’m pleased to gather young artists in this club and create contemporary plays in which audiences can find versions of themselves, instead of complaining that stage art is becoming overshadowed by other entertainment channels.”

The Green Star club is contributing to a more active and vital drama scene in Ho Chi Minh City.