Hanoi’s parishioners jubilantly prepare for Christmas

The special ambience of Christmas has spread throughout Hanoi. In many corners of the capital, from churches to shops, everywhere is decorated with colorful lights, Santa Clauses, reindeers, and snow houses. Everyone is looking forward to a warm Christmas. Bui Hang reports on preparations for Christmas in Hanoi.

Prior to Christmas, churches are beautifully decorated. Church choirs are practicing for Christmas music performances. This year Hanoi, for the first time, has launched a campaign to build advanced dioceses. At the beginning of the year, 30 Catholic Unity Committees signed an emulation campaign which has created positive changes in dioceses. Local people’s living standards have much improved, and many Catholics have been honored for their economic achievements and charity work.

Hanoi’s parishioners jubilantly prepare for Christmas - ảnh 1
Parishioners are preparing for the coming Christmas at Cua Bac Church in Hanoi

Pham Huy Thong, the Vice Chairman of Hanoi Catholic Unity Committee, said: “Christmas is a joyful occasion for everyone. The bishop and priests have always worked with parishioners to harmonize secular life with the practice of faith. This year, in many dioceses such as the one in the Ung Hoa district of Hanoi, the local Vietnam Fatherland Front branch and the district Catholic Unity Committee gave each diocese 150 USD to celebrate Christmas.”

Hanoi’s parishioners jubilantly prepare for Christmas - ảnh 2
Ham Long Church becomes more brilliant and shining these days

Big churches in Hanoi like Thai Ha, Cua Bac, and Ham Long are well-decorated. Christmas preparation has been completed in dioceses in the capital city. Mr. Tran Thanh Duc of Thinh Liet diocese, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, said: “The Thinh Liet parish began preparations for this year’s Christmas about two weeks ago. Now we only have to tidy up and decorate the parish before the holiday. The decoration inside and around the church have been completed. Each year young people change the decorations creatively.

Thinh Liet parish has recently set up a board of humanity which every Christmas will visit and present gifts to households with old or weak or sick people, poor families, and handicapped children so that they can have a happy festive day.

Many other parishes in Hanoi have established similar boards to take care of and help parishioners have a meaningful Christmas.

Hanoi’s parishioners jubilantly prepare for Christmas - ảnh 3
Parishioners are promptly decorating the Hanoi Cathedral, one of the churches with most typical architecture in the capital city

The piercingly cold weather of the days preceding Christmas seem to be driven away by the colorful lights and the warmth of mutual assistance. Christmas is an opportunity for everybody to get together with their relatives.

Do Van Chien, a parishioner in Vinh Tuy ward in Hanoi, shares his thought: “Christmas is a time for me to review what our family members and I have done during the year. Each year we buy flowers and music records to play on this occasion.  Sometimes we also buy Christmas trees and decorative lights to decorate the altar and tidy up the house.

In the coming Christmas, we wish you all a jolly, happy holiday!


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