Russian Cultural Day in Vietnam enhances mutual understanding

(VOVworld) – Preparations for the Russian Cultural Day in Vietnam from November 11-17 have been finalized. The event is part of the “Cultural cooperation program between Vietnam and Russia from 2013 to 2015” jointly organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism and the Russian Ministry of Culture. During the one week event, Vietnamese people have opportunities to learn more about Russian culture and extend their love for Russia.

Russian Cultural Day in Vietnam enhances mutual understanding  - ảnh 1

The Vietnam National Orchestra will perform in the opening ceremony on Tuesday to raise the curtain on “Russian Cultural Day in Vietnam”. The Orchestra will perform famous works by renowned Russian composers, including Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Director of the Vietnam National Orchestra, Nguyen Tri Dung, said: "We have only three days to practice including a rehearsal. Although the time is short and the performance will be difficult, we are excited to participate in this fantastic program. About 80 artists will perform. This is an opportunity for us to learn and meet with Russia’s top conductors and artists."

All the players are enthusiastic about becoming involved with this important cultural program. Violinist Truong Quoc Minh says: "The time to work together is short so we have to practice individually at home. We want to dedicate the best performance to the audience. We will play some of the greatest works by Russian composers and recall our memories of when we studied in Russia."

Russian Cultural Day will be held in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, and Binh Duong province. Vietnamese and Russian art troupes will perform at the Hanoi Opera House, the Ho Chi Minh Theater, and Binh Duong Cultural Center.

The Russian Film Week in Hanoi will screen films on various topics ranging from politics and warfare to stories about love and the changes in family life. Russian actor Egor Beroev, who will meet Vietnamese audiences, said: "We are bringing some fantastic films to Vietnam and we hope you will enjoy them. I will forever remember your hospitable reception. Your love for us is precious."

Phan Ha Trang, a student at Hanoi University, said: "Russian Cultural Day in Vietnam is an opportunity for us to meet Russian artists and enjoy the beauty of the Russian culture. We are studying the Russian language and hope that this kind of event will be held regularly, and that we can learn more about Russia."

Various activities will also be held in the three cities, including photo exhibitions and a look at Buddhism in Russia.

The Russian Cultural Day aims to consolidate cultural and tourism cooperation between the two countries.