Sculpture and lacquer paintings highlight “The Obsession”

(VOVworld) - Two installments, one story; sculpture works, lacquer paintings; The special artworks have inspired viewers about either individual or social daily issues. This is the content of an exhibit in Hanoi entitled ‘The Obsession’ by painter Ha Tri Hieu and sculptor Tran Duc Sy.

The exhibit displays 12 paintings by painter Ha Tri Hieu and 7 sculptural works by sculptor Tran Duc Sy. Hieu’s painting series entitled ‘The countryside obsession’ depicts cows and country girls singing in the rice fields. In these paintings, Hieu uses two main colors – ochre and red.

Sculpture and lacquer paintings highlight “The Obsession” - ảnh 1
One of Hieu’s lacquer painting "country girl next to a cow"

Sculptor Sy uses layers as the key to his work. He slices his sculptures into cross-sections which combine to generate a visceral sense of each object. Together with Hieu’s paintings, the sculptural works present different concepts of life. Each person is like a piece of a puzzle with different feelings and emotions. Painter Tri Hieu shared his feeling: sculptor Tran Duc Sy and I began to jointly organize an exhibit 6 months ago. We‘ve been friends for a long time and understand each other’s artistic style well.

“Obsession” is the brainchild of a sculptor and a painter who share a passion for the countryside. Hieu said: “Each artist has his own private obsession. I fell in love with Vietnam’s countryside, rural people, and the buffalo. I met sculptor Tran Duc Sy who is interested in the position of people. Not their power status, but their position in society and the family. People are always thinking about how to improve their position.”

Sculpture and lacquer paintings highlight “The Obsession” - ảnh 2

Painter Nguyen Minh Phuoc said: “This is an impressive exhibit. Painter Hieu is loyal to the theme of countryside. He has expressed his innocent view in the images of buffalos and rural girls in deep colors. Sy’s sculptures are rough and invite people to sit down and think about what was and is happening.”

Sculpture and lacquer paintings highlight “The Obsession” - ảnh 3

The exhibit presents a different angle on life and how people choose their way of life. Nguyen Linh Dan is a student at the Academy of Journalism and Communications: “I like the way the painter used simple materials to depict familiar images of the countryside. The exhibit stimulates inner thoughts more than images. Tran Duc Sy’s sculptures illustrate the struggle in one’s soul. Viewers are given an opportunity to look inside themselves.”

“Obsession” is a harmonious exhibition of lacquer paintings and sculptures developing one complex and very personal theme.