Special painting exhibition entitled “Children paint”

(VOVworld) – A special exhibition entitled “Children paint” has opened  at 24 and 26 Ly Quoc Su street, Hanoi, to mark International Children’s Day, on June 1st. The event aims to create an art-inspired play ground and environment to encourage children who have a love for the arts to follow their dream.
Special painting exhibition entitled “Children paint” - ảnh 1
The painting by Ha Anh
The exhibition displays nearly 30 paintings by pupils from schools around Hanoi. The children can draw on different topics and materials. Children from 5 to 12 years old can express their imagination and feelings about the surrounding world. Children can display from one to three of their paintings. Apart from the displayed paintings, many even show off their talent and creativity by painting at the exhibition. Nguyen Duc Duy, a sixth grader at Star Secondary School, said: “I love painting. Coming to the exhibition today, I brought my colors and easel to paint. I paint my family and class”.  

The paintings reflect simple things which are close to lives of the children. Some draw their families, or their pets. The children use bright colors to express their paintings and many paintings feature the Mid-autumn festival with dragon dances, lantern parades; busy streets or sports activities. The children show their creativity in paintings of ethnic minority people in their traditional costumes in the mountain areas, or the image of dragon fly by the lake. The paintings are really close to life. Painter Nguyen Hong Phuong, a member of Gallery 39, the event’s organizer: “The event aims to create unforgettable memories for the children. The children paint based on their inspiration and feelings. The paintings are lively and innocent. Some children may turn out to be professional painters in the future”.  

The exhibition “Children paint” is open this summer. It is a useful playground for children. Nguyen Lam Son took his children to the exhibition: “My son can draw very well. The exhibition gives him an opportunity to show off his hobby. He has prepared a lot for this: colors, papers and easel. He hopes that his painting will be displayed”.

Special painting exhibition entitled “Children paint” - ảnh 2
(Photo: cand.com.vn)

The exhibition is an opportunity to stimulate children’s inspiration and love for art and encourages the children to imagine and follow their dreams.