#StayHomeIsFun campaign launched in Vietnam to encourage social distancing

(VOVWORLD) - Starting on April 1st, Vietnam ordered a nationwide social distancing rule lasting 15 days to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Responding to the Prime Minister's call to action on "fighting epidemics like fighting against the enemy", the Ministry of Health, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) officially launched the campaign #ONhaVanVui (#StayHomeIsFun), to call on people to unite by staying home to prevent disease. The campaign has attracted a huge interest from people across Vietnam.
#StayHomeIsFun campaign launched in Vietnam to encourage social distancing - ảnh 1

The name #ONhaVanVui is inspired by the spirit of "self-insulated isolation", limiting social interaction, gatherings, reducing the rate of spread, avoiding overcrowding of the health system, thereby helping to control the epidemic.

Emeritus artist Thuy Dat was enjoying her time at home when she started to compose new songs on fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, including a song in Xam style, a centuries-old singing style of the Vietnamese people. Dat told VOV: "People across Vietnam are joining hands to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. As an artist, I feel responsible to do something to contribute to this effort. Wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, keeping social distance... are among things we can do to help contain the virus. This is how we can show our love for the country and our fellow countrymen."

Many people have been encouraged to work from home and they have also found their own ways to make life more entertaining at home.

Rana Flower, UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam, has enthusiastically responded to the campaign. With more time at home, she can prepare more food for her little daughter like frozen grapes and share her clips of making food online. 

With the #ONhaVanVui campaign, the organizers urge users to share interesting activities at home and of themselves. From every day activities like cooking, exercising, and study time, to more unique and personal activities like; dressing up in beautiful clothes for fashion shows, humming to music, dancing freely, etc. In addition, users can interact and connect with friends and the community while erasing feelings of boredom and negativity from having to leave the workplace and familiar shops. Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Hau A Lenh told VOV: "As the pandemic is getting more complicated, people are encouraged to stay at home to protect themselves and others as well to contain the spread of the virus. Let’s turn this into a special opportunity for us to better connect with others and do something good to yourself, your family, and the society."