42,000 blood units collected in Red Sunday campaign

(VOVWORLD) - More than 42,000 blood units have been collected in the Red Sunday Blood Donation Campaign over the past month. With 15,000 blood units collected, Ho Chi Minh City took the lead among 31 cities and provinces.
42,000 blood units collected in Red Sunday campaign - ảnh 1

In Hanoi, the Central Military Hospital 108 and the Military Technique Academy organized a program in response to the campaign. More than 650 students, lecturers, and soldiers participated in the event and donated more than 500 blood units. Similar programs have been organized in Dak Lak province attracting 2,500 volunteers. Hoang Thien Nga, Chief Representative of the Tien Phong (Vanguard) newspaper in Dak Lak and a member of the Organizing Board said that a similar program will be held in the Dak Lak Education College on Tuesday: “We plan to collect more than 3,500 blood units. This event has attracted a large number of volunteers, which is good news for the health sector and also for the province”.

The Red Sunday Campaign will continue until next month.