Activities mark 70th National Resistance Day

(VOVworld)-The 70th anniversary of National Resistance Day on December 19 made the headlines of major Vietnamese newspapers on Monday. An editorial in the People newspaper said lessons drawn from the National Resistance are still valid even during peace time. They inspire Vietnam to strengthen its economy, national defense, and diplomacy.

The People’s Army newspaper ran an article that highlighted National Resistance Day as a symbol of the strength of Vietnam's revolutionary heroism and vivid evidence of the strong will of the whole nation, which must be upheld by every generation.  

Activities mark 70th National Resistance Day - ảnh 1
VOV's leaders visited Tram pagoda relic site on December 18, 2016

Tram pagoda in the Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi, was VOV’s first evacuation place during the resistance against the French colonialists. From this pagoda, VOV broadcast President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal for National Resistance on the morning of December 20th, 1946. The call was a short and trenchant order for the whole nation to begin a resistance war for national independence and freedom.  “By following President Ho Chi Minh, the people have food to eat and clothes to wear. Our life has changed a lot since the victory of the revolution. In the past, we lived in poverty, but now we have a much better life”, said revolutionary veteran Nguyen Van Cung of Phung Chau commune.

On this occasion, many people visited a house in Van Phuc Village, Ha Dong district, where President Ho Chi Minh wrote “The appeal to National Resistance” and planned a prolonged national resistance war. “Visiting this house means a lot to me. It inspired the youth in the past to stand up and defend the nation and still inspires today’s youth to build the nation. As a student, I am keenly aware of my responsibility to national construction”, said Ngo Hai Linh, a student at the Academy of Journalism and Communications.