August Revolution provides a source of strength for national development

(VOVWORLD) - Major newspapers in Vietnam ran articles and editorials on Wednesday calling the 1945 August Revolution a shining milestone in national construction and defense. 
August Revolution provides a source of strength for national development - ảnh 1 Hanoians go on a march and occupy the Residential Palace of the Tonkin Governor, now the Government Guest House, on August 19, 1945. (Photo:

It was the first great victory of the Vietnamese army and people under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and a turning point in Vietnam’s history. Vietnamese people went from slavery to being citizens of an independent nation and masters of their own destiny. Since then Vietnam has entered an era of national independence aligned with socialism.

An editorial in the People's Army newspaper said that during 35 years of renewal the spirit of the August Revolution has been upheld by the Party, army, and people in promoting national renovation and international integration.

According to the editorial, the August Revolution has been a great source of strength for generations of Vietnamese pursuing national industrialization and modernization, international integration, and the goal of becoming a strong, democratic, civilized country full of prosperous people.

Nhan Dan, The People’s Daily, ran an editorial calling the August Revolution an epic event of international importance which has encouraged colonial nations and oppressed people around the world to struggle for national independence, democracy, and social progress. The event has been a source of strength for Vietnam in promoting the values of pro-activeness, self-reliance, and accomplishing tasks to develop Vietnam towards sustainability and prosperity.

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