Earth Hour 2015 launched in Vietnam

(VOVworld)- Hanoi will turn off light for one hour from 20:30 to 21:30 on Monday in response to the Earth Hour 2015 campaign. With the message “Saving energy to cope with climate change”, the campaign was launched in Hanoi on Sunday attracting 1,000 participants, who ride bicycles and collect wastes in public places. Nguyen Kim Chi is a student of Hanoi Medicine University: "Although this program lasts within only 1 hour, joint effort of people nationwide will create a huge change".
Earth Hour 2015 launched in Vietnam - ảnh 1

Ngo Son Tung, a second-year student at Hanoi University of Technology, said this program should be further promoted among young people: "To make this program more popular among young people, more communication activities should be done among volunteers and students at universities. They should be trained to thoroughly understand the campaign and encourage other people to follow suit".

The same day, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Da Nang Municipal People's Committee launched the Earth Hour Campaign 2015 in Da Nang city. In his address, Deputy Director of the Department of Technology and Energy Saving of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Dang Hai Dung said the campaign aimed at urging people to save energy and protect the environment. The Earth Hour Campaign 2015 will be organized in Vietnam on March 28 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Danish Embassy. Vietnam saved 431,000 kwh of electricity worth 650 million VND in one hour of turning off light during the 2014 Earth Hour Campaign.