2Guys1Box - first subscription box service in Vietnam

(VOVworld) - How do people enjoy shopping in today’s busy life? Spending the weekend at shopping malls or surfing through dozens of websites might turn out to be inconvenient sometimes. How about having a box full of surprises delivered to your house every month? Dang Khoa and Quang Thai from 2Guys1Box can convince you that this is a good idea, along with their interesting start-up story. VOV’s Thanh Ha reports.

2Guys1Box, two guys and a box was created by Dang Khoa and Quang Thai, university alumni in the US, who were determined enough to come back to their home country and wanted to fly with their own wings. Khoa anh Thai were very excited about their first project together:“2Guys1Box is a subscription service that provides customers with a monthly box surprise. It is we who select the contents before sending them to the clients”.
“We researched market demands in Hanoi and HCMC before coming up with the idea of a subscription box. We thought it could develop broadly in the future.”
2Guys1Box - first subscription box service in Vietnam - ảnh 1
Dang Khoa and Quang Thai - founders of 2Guys1Box service

Although subscription boxes are very familiar in Western countries, 2Guys1Box is the very first example to appear in Vietnam. In order to enjoy the monthly boxes, customers just need to subscribe to the service, and wait for the gift to be delivered to their home. 5 to 6 items such as belts, ties, watches, purses, notebooks, razors, and so on will be included in 1 box. The price of a whole box is around $16, much cheaper than buying separate items and can be even more favorable if customers subscribe for several months or even a year. Most importantly, 2Guys1Box is for "men of taste”, as Thai and Khoa shared: “The products we choose are mostly for daily use, some of which are beauty products. At first, we used products manufactured in domestic and international workshops; but now we are working with local brands or shops, in order for cross promotion.”

“We try to select items unique and original enough to make people think that this cool stuff can only be found in 2Guys1Box”.
2Guys1Box - first subscription box service in Vietnam - ảnh 2
Unique and diverse products of 2Guys1Box (Source: www.2guys1box.com) 

There’s no denying the originality of the products, and the concept of a monthly surprise either. In fact, it is the “surprise” that makes for a successful commercial strategy for 2Guys1Box. Customers not only get the joy of new products, but also the eagerness of anticipation. “It's completely secret”, Khoa said. “Customers do not know what’s inside each box. We do this to free our creativity and create new concepts, new styles for customers to adapt to. It’s risky but it’s all part of the attraction.”
“For example, someone who always dresses elegantly can suit a sporty style as well. It encourages experimentation. I think this is what attracts customers.”, Thai added.

It’s quite convenient that Dang Khoa and Quang Thai have different fashion styles; Khoa is rather sporty whereas Thai has quite a formal taste. The difference helps them come up with diverse products, although it may not satisfy every customer. Thai explained: “Certainly, we cannot please all customers with only one concept every month, and of course, the reactions are sometimes mixed. What’s more important is that the value of products is well above the price of the box. So even if you cannot use 2 out of 5 items in the box, you still get the benefit. We also pay a lot of attention to customer care. For example if a customer is not satisfied with one item, we will bonus him an extra item, or even give away the box for free if it is delivered late. Gradually customers are sending more positive feedbacks to us.”

2Guys1Box - first subscription box service in Vietnam - ảnh 3
2Guys1Box's newly launched line for female customers (Source: www.2guys1box.com)

Starting with thirty boxes sold in the first month, after a year, 2Guys1Box now reach around 1000 customers each month. After a year of operating a start-up business, Dang Khoa and Quang Thai are quite satisfied with this unusual work. They offer a lot, it's true, but they also receive a lot in return: “For me, the most important thing is freedom. I get to be my own boss and do whatever I want without caring about office dramas.”
“Secondly, we earn the financial freedom and confidence that are necessary for young people nowadays.”

Indeed, confidence is very necessary for young people to dream big, and do big. 2Guys1Box has helped make shopping easier than ever for customers, and set a good example for young people on how to achieve success from scratch.