Nhu Xuan mountain district sets example in poverty reduction

(VOVWORLD) - Nhu Xuan, which used to be a disadvantaged mountain district, has been transformed into a role model of Thanh Hoa province’s developmental strategy. It has successfully been removed from the list of poor districts and become an important transit point between the coastal lowland and the midland, mountain areas in the west of Thanh Hoa.
Nhu Xuan mountain district sets example in poverty reduction - ảnh 1 A corner of Yen Cat town, Nhu Xuan district

Nhu Xuan people used to face many difficulties due to a lack of production capital, although they have arable land, able human resources, and the will to better themselves.

Le Van Tinh of Dong hamlet said since the government advanced supportive policies and implemented poverty reduction programs, his family has been able to invest in fruit farming, breeding, and afforestation. As a result, his family has escaped poverty and is gradually climbing up the economic ladder, Tinh said.

“The district has worked towards crop structuring. The local households have made full use of the land they have for fruit farming or animal husbandry. Local farmers’ desire and effort to escape poverty have been made a difference,” Tinh added.

Following investment incentives, Nhu Xuan has prioritized agricultural production and processing because the district has advantages in natural material resources.

Millions of US dollars from the National Target Programs have been allocated to hamlets and villages in Nhu Xuan.

As a result, over the past 3 years following 2016, more than 50 production development models for poverty reduction have been established, gaining 2,000 members.  Outstanding models involve raising buffalos, cows, sows, pigs, wild boars, bantams, fish cage farming, and growing fruits and flowers.

Luong Anh Loi of Chuoi hamlet said: “The Party and State’s poverty reduction programs have proved effective. Combined with the efforts on the part of the community, many have escaped poverty in a sustainable way.”

Nhu Xuan has outlined a poverty reduction plan for 2009 to 2020 and adopted specific policies to realize socio-economic goals.

It has focused on communications to raise the awareness, responsibility, and initiative of the local Party Committee, administration, and community about poverty reduction and antiquated practices. Priority has been given to investment in infrastructure - roads, electrical works, schools, and medical stations.

After 8 years of implementing a policy on improving impoverished soil, hundreds of hectares of farm land have been reclaimed to plant fruit trees of high economic value, generating thousands of USD in yearly revenue.

Nhu Xuan mountain district sets example in poverty reduction - ảnh 2 Duong Van Manh is Secretary of Nhu Xuan district Party Committee Secretary

Duong Van Manh, Secretary of Nhu Xuan district Party Committee Secretary, said:  “Rapid but sustainable poverty reduction has always received much attention on the part of the district Party Committee, which has considered it a top political priority. Nhu Xuan has made the most of the local advantages in land and workforce to restructure their agriculture. Nhu Xuan’s poverty rate has dropped to 14% last year from 37% in 2015. On March 7 of last year, the Prime Minister signed a decision officially acknowledging Nhu Xuan’s achievements in poverty reduction.”

Nhu Xuan’s success model has been applied to other districts, providing growth momentum for Thanh Hoa province.