Sustainable livestock farming in Ninh Thuan

Sustainable livestock farming in Ninh Thuan  - ảnh 1
(VOVworld) – Ninh Thuan province is vigorously restructuring its animal husbandry sector, focusing on livestock with high profitability. This has contributed significantly to improving local living conditions and is helping the province complete all the criteria of the national new rural development program. VOV’s Cao Thoa reports….

Ninh Thuan has succeeded in boosting its livestock farming, identified as an advantage in agricultural production in the period 2011-2015, by developing collective farms and vast meadows. Ninh Thuan now has a total of 254,000 head of cattle, including 92,000 sheep and nearly 90,000 cows. The local authorities have encouraged farmers to apply the half free-range model and keep their herds of animals close to their houses to deal with the prolonged droughts of recent years. Le Quyet Thang is deputy chairman of the Nhi Ha communal People’s Committee: "The half free-range model has brought about certain benefits for local farmers. It has helped them cut input costs and save manpower while providing their cows with good feeding, care, and management. This has contributed to developing the local economy."

Ninh Thuan’s climate is ideal for raising goats and sheep and this trade has grown rapidly in the districts of Ninh Son, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Hai, Thuan Nam, and Thuan Bac. Ninh Thuan has set a target of boosting livestock farming and improving the quality of animal herds to meet stricter requirements of the processing sector for exports. Phan Quang Thuu is Deputy Director of Ninh Thuan province’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: "It’s important for provincial agriculture to ensure the stable growth of animal herds. The local government will step up communications activities on this subject and instruct local farmers to grow grass that can be used as additional feed for the animals. This will play a decisive role in the growth of local livestock farming."

Targeting sustainable livestock farming, the provincial Department of Science and Technology is working on a plan to create a geographical indicator for Ninh Thuan’s lambs, as part of efforts to increase the value of the province’s typical products and create a foundation for their future export. After 3 years of new rural development, 11 communes in Ninh Thuan are about to complete all 19 criteria of the national new rural development program. Most of the communes have upgraded their infrastructures and all of them are connected to the national grid.