Acculturation - Foundation for sustainable recovery and development

(VOVWORLD) - A forum called “Acculturation - foundation for sustainable recovery and development” was held in Hanoi recently to spotlight the role of culture in sustainable economic development and promote a campaign called “Building the Vietnamese corporate culture”.

Acculturation - Foundation for sustainable recovery and development - ảnh 1The “Culture with Businesses” forum takes place in Hanoi on December 5, 2021. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Acculturation is the process of adapting to a new cultural environment into which you have moved or which has come to you. Acculturation can affect cultures, communities, organizations, businesses, or individuals.

“There are different categories of acculturation but integration is the most popular one. Integration means adopting the new culture while retaining the heritage culture. This creates a multicultural environment where all the cultures are treated equally and brought into full play,” said Professor Dr. Tu Thi Loan, Vice President of the Vietnam Association for Corporate Culture Development.

Acculturation helps businesses and businessmen acquire business knowledge, experience, and management models from other countries. Nguyen Si Dung, former Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Office, says it’s essential to respect the other culture’s values, and select and apply them in a creative, flexible manner appropriate to Vietnam’s conditions. 

“We learn how to create an advanced business management system, including building trademarks, managing customer relationships, and developing marketing, but we still preserve the Vietnamese traditions of kindness and solidarity,” said Dung.

Mr. Le Tri Thong, Vice Chairman of PNJ's Board of Directors, says that if we acculturate in the right way, it will create soft power for businesses.

“Each enterprise develops its own culture. It is essential to connect the cultures of different businesses and create a corporate culture infrastructure,” said Thong.

During the global integration process, Vietnamese businesses acquire new cultural values but reject any culture that goes against Vietnam’s human values.

“The 13th Party Congress set a goal of making Vietnam a developed high-income country by 2045. To realize that goal, the Vietnamese business community needs to adopt a new business management system which combines Vietnamese spirit and world cultural trends,”said Dr. Gian Tu Trung, the Founder and Chairman of the PACE Institute of Management.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, acculturation is the key to Vietnamese businesses recovering and developing sustainably.