Kho Mu ethnic people’s ritual to pray for rain

(VOVworld) Kho Mu ethic people hold rituals to pray for rain before the crop season begins with seeds being sown on field. They pray for ancestors and genies’ support for a bumper crop. The rituals reflect Kho Mu ethnic people’s belief in the nature’s soul. Lan Anh gives you an insight into Kho Mu’s ritual to pray for rain in Dien Bien:  

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Praying for rain ritual

The ritual usually begins in April. Quang Van Muon from Ten Hamlet of Phuong Phang District in Dien Bien says local people place their wishes and trust on the nature through the ritual: “The ritual has been practiced for a long time. We organize the ritual before the beginning of a new crop season in a hope that plantation have sufficient rain water and enjoy friendly climate condition.”

 Muon said the ritual date was not fixed but rather selected by a senior villager. Luong Van Khan talks about the procedure: “The day begins with field work early in the morning where local people prepare seeds for sowing. Then we go back home to hold the ritual. Many people gather during the ritual to join singing and cooking.”  

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Dance of sowing seeds

The whole village joins one single ritual where villagers contribute work and offering. Luong Thi Phuong said she bring to the ritual what her family could produce: “We pray for sufficient sunshine and rain so as our productivity increases year on year. This represents our sincere wish for a bumper crop.”

 Dances performed during the ritual makes the community members stay closer in their joint aspiration for mild weather during the crop season. Luong Thi Lua from Ten hamlet: “We are pleased to join the ritual as it happens once a year. We all live on field work and always wish for a successful crop season thanks to nice weather.”

Lan Anh

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