Meritorious artist Thanh Kim Hue

(VOVWORLD) - Meritorious Cai Luong (reformed opera) artist Thanh Kim Hue was born in 1954 in Ho Chi Minh City and was well-known in the southern region. She passed away late last year due to cancer. During her career, Hue made great contributions to this art.

Meritorious artist Thanh Kim Hue  - ảnh 1Meritorious artist Thanh Kim Hue. (Photo:

Thanh Kim Hue, whose real name was Bui Thi Hue, began performing on the stage at an early age. Hue was was able to perform both Tuong (classical drama) and call and response Cai luong songs. She bowled over the audience with her stunning strong and melodic voice and her special performance style.

“I love all the plays performed by Thanh Kim Hue. She is a favorite artist of many people in the south. I feel sad when she passed away,” said Tran Kieu Phuong, an audience member in Ho Chi Minh city.

Hue left a deep impression on audiences for her roles in many plays such as “Lan and Diep”, “White Melastoma candidum flowers”, and “Young wife’s hair”.

People’s Artist Le Thuy said Thanh Kim Hue was a devoted and creative artist.

“Hue’s death was a great loss for Cai Luong stage. I hope that young generation of artists will continue to follow their predecessors to develop this kind of art form.”

When she was alive, Hue was one of few most wanted veteran artists. Hue joined her husband, Meritorious Artist Thanh Dien to perform on many stages. Despite her old age, she still managed to retain her voice. Hue’s last performance was in the play “Lan and Diep” in 2019. 

Hue was respected by her colleagues for her strong will to overcome life difficulties including the loss of her daughter and her own cancer diagnosis.

“At the talk show ‘Legends’, Hue showed her bad health signal. Despite her disease, Hue kept her optimistic spirit and was ready to deal with it. That’s the reason why I admire her so much,” said People’s Artist Bach Tuyet.

Meritorious artist Thanh Kim Hue  - ảnh 2Meritorious artist Thanh Kim Hue and People’s Artist Bach Tuyet are veteran artists of Cai luong. (Photo Courtesy) 

During her career, Thanh Kim Hue recorded more than 300 classical songs and wrote scripts for many plays.

Young Cai Luong artist Binh Tinh said, “I will join other young artists to continue what our predecessors taught us in our art career. Devotion and morality are the key factor for an artist.”