Online theatre sets new trend for performing arts

(VOVWORLD) - When Vietnam experienced the 2nd COVID-19 outbreak in late July, social activities were once again suspended. The idea of creating an online theater to connect the audience to art continues to "heat up". This is no longer a temporary solution during the COVID-19 pandemic but has become a new trend in modern society that needs a proper strategy for long-term development.

Online theatre sets new trend for performing arts - ảnh 1The "VNSO Season Opening Concert" streamed on YouTube on the evening of August 26, 2020. (Photo:  

To ensure effective epidemic prevention and control, Vietnam’s National Symphony Orchestra canceled its scheduled performance for August and replaced it with an online program entitled “VNSO Season Opening Concert” on YouTube and Facebook. After this performance, the orchestra upgraded its auditorium room for online performances and had its debut online performance one month ago.

Joining this trend, the Youth Theatre, Vietnam National Drama Theatre, the Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre, and the National Music, Song and Dance Theatre, as well as many other art performing units all created their YouTube and Facebook accounts to stream their pre-recorded or live performances. Almost all Vietnamese artists have supported these new kinds of performances.

Vu Thanh Thuy of Hanoi, a regular at many online performances such as “Trust”, “Connecting Sound”, “Music Home”, “Brave Vietnam”, and “VNSO Season Opening Concert”, said that these online shows have become more and more professional with much better quality. The audience can interact with the organizers and performances by sharing their feelings and posting their questions and comments on the theatres’ fan pages.

"Online performances are natural in this digital era. This has set a new direction and standards for artists like us to take part in while social media is a wonderful communication channel. We have to renew our performing styles, images, and approaches to reach a larger audience and better interact with them. And by doing so, we improve ourselves for future performances," said VOV’s Emeritus Artist Hoang Tung.

Online theatre sets new trend for performing arts - ảnh 2Viewers enjoy an online show on YouTube. (Photo: 

In May, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Ta Quang Dong and leaders of the Department of Performing Arts discussed the creation of their online theatres to introduce performances to the audience.

"I really hope that an online theatre will be created, which will be a common trademark for Vietnam’s stage performance. This online theatre will introduce various kinds of performing arts to the audience and at the same time guarantee the quality of such professional performances. I believe artists will be very proud to perform in such online events," said People’s Artist Nguyen Tien Dung, Director of Vietnam Puppetry Theatre.

People’s Artist Tong Toan Thang, Deputy Director of Vietnam’s Circus Federation, agreed that it’s important  to create an online stage to better connect with the audience in the digital era.

Director of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra Kim Xuan Hieu said he’s quite confident that Vietnamese artists will adapt to bring arts beyond the stage to a wider public.