Street murals spread positive life message

(VOVWORLD) - Dirty and mossy walls on several streets in HCM city’s Thu Duc district have been cleaned and decorated with beautiful mural paintings by the local war veterans to welcome Party congresses at all levels and to encourage local people to practice a modern, civilized lifestyle. 
Street murals spread positive life message  - ảnh 1Mural paintings created by Binh Chieu ward's war veterans. 

Streets No. 21 and 22 in Binh Chieu ward of Thu Duc district used to be dumping places for the local residential areas. The walls of 3 meters in height along these streets were full of graffiti drawings and advertisement stickers. In 2018, Binh Chieu ward’s war veteran association proposed painting murals to brighten the area and encourage the local people to lead a cultural lifestyle.

By 2019, 21 murals on national history had been painted on 63 meters of the walls. The murals depict historical milestones of Vietnam, since the Hung Kings founded the country 4,000 years ago until national reunification later in 1975.

Early this year, more murals were being painted to popularize Party guidelines and State policies and to welcome the 2021 National Party Congress. After 3 months, 25 murals have been completed on 200 meters of wall, reflecting the people’s engagement in movements and campaigns to promote cultural lifestyles and contribute to national socio-economic development.

Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Chairman of Binh Chieu ward’s War Veteran Association, told VOV, "These murals help educate the local people, especially the younger generations, of Vietnam’s historical traditions and raise their awareness on protecting the environment and leading a cultural lifestyle."

Street murals spread positive life message  - ảnh 2The mural paintings depict Vietnam's history. 

The colorful murals have breathed new life to the local streets with beautiful messages. Tran Xuan Vinh, a resident on Street No. 21, said he feels excited and proud looking at these murals in his residential area. Since the walls are covered with beautiful paintings, the local people have become more aware of protecting their  living environment.

"People used to litter a lot but they have changed now thanks to clean and beautiful mural paintings decorated on these walls," said Vinh.

Street murals spread positive life message  - ảnh 3

According to Ms. Truong Thi Hoang Yen, Party Secretary of Binh Chieu ward, the project is of great significance to help promote Government policies while encouraging the local people to better protect the environment and improve their lifestyle.

"Murals have been created on a total of 548 meters of walls. In addition to promoting national history, educating the local people of the Party and State’s policies, these murals have played a very important role in encouraging local people to make their living environment a more comfortable place," said Ms. Yen. 

Inspired by the war veterans’ idea, the local Youth Union has started to create paintings on utility poles to encourage people not to dump waste improperly, as part of efforts to build modern and civilized urban residential areas.