“The sound of hope” stars disadvantaged artists

(VOVWORLD) - A musical program entitled “The sound of hope” was recently staged at Hanoi’s Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Centre with performances by a special band called Music Band Hope. The show is part of Hanoi’s activities to promote Vietnam’s music and support the less fortunate artists.
 “The sound of hope” stars disadvantaged artists  - ảnh 1 Music Band Hope. Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5 

Music Band Hope was established in 2004 and has organized successful music shows both at home and abroad, promoting Vietnam’s traditional music.

"It’s never been easy for the visually-impaired to study and perform music. The band members are special artists who are pursuing a formal music degree at the Hanoi-based Vietnam National Academy of Music," said Le Xuan Khoa, a member of the Vietnam Rural Village Club and Director of “The Sound of Hope” music program. 

"The Vietnam Rural Village club and Hanoi’s Old Quarter Management Board have promoted folk music and supported the artists, frequently hosting folk music shows featuring Then singing, Cheo singing, and Xam singing to entertain audiences visiting Hanoi’s Old Quarter," added Khoa.

“The sound of hope” also introduced audiences to Chau Van ritual music, Hue Royal Court Music, as well as Vietnam’s contemporary music. Medleys of folk tunes from several Asian countries are also played during the show.

“I really liked the show and was very impressed with the visually impaired artists’ performances, which were professional and fantastic. I hope more shows like this will be organized frequently to entertain a wider public. This is also a great way for us to support disadvantaged artists,” Do Lan Anh, one of the audience, told VOV.

With “The Sound of Hope”, the Vietnam Rural Village Club wants to create a stage for less fortunate artists to shine, according to Tran Duc Binh, Head of the Club.

"“The Sound of Hope” is one of many activities initiated by our club to support less fortunate artists and encourage them to do what they love. We hope to receive more support from the community, especially for the Music Band Hope, whose members are talented and have a great love for music,” said Binh. 

Tran Thi Thuy Lan, Deputy Head of Hanoi’s Old Quarter Management Board, said, “We’ve worked with the Music Band Hope for many years to host music shows at temples like Bach Ma and Quan De, as well as at other spots in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. After this show, we hope to cooperate with other music bands and music lovers to promote Vietnam’s arts and music to a wider public, especially the youth.”

“The Sound of Hope” was the first music show hosted at Hanoi’s Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Centre after Vietnam had lifted social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.