Vietnamese classical opera performed at Hanoi Opera House

(VOVworld) – Since September, 2016, in accordance with a decision by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, traditional art troupes have been taking turns performing at the Hanoi Opera House . Artists of the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre are using this opportunity to reach a wider audience. 

Tuong, a unique Vietnamese classical opera genre, became popular in the 16th century. While other traditional music genres like Cheo and Quan Ho in northern Vietnam were regularly performed in the communal yard of a village, Tuong was performed at the royal court to entertain the King and his mandarins. The academic language of Tuong is a combination of the Chinese and Chinese-transcribed Vietnamese.  When Vietnam gained independence in August 1945, Tuong spread from the royal court to the general public.                                      

The Vietnam National Tuong Theatre stages 2 shows per week. As from September 2016, artists have been enthusiastically performing regularly at the Hanoi Opera House. Nguyen Thi Loc Huyen, a young talent, said she is excited about appearing in the theatre of her dreams:“Like other traditional music artists, we are honored and happy to stand on the big stage of the famous Hanoi Opera House, which represents Vietnam.”

Vietnamese classical opera performed at Hanoi Opera House - ảnh 1
A performance by the The Vietnam National Tuong Theatre

Pham Ngoc Tuan, Director of the Vietnam National Tuong Theatre, said he appreciates the difference: “The Vietnam National Tuong Theatre used to work under a program commissioned by Vietnam Television. This time we work with the Hanoi Opera House and it’s different. The opera house has beautiful architecture which helps attract the public.”

Tuong artists are staging the play “Ngheu So Oc Hen” which criticizes the feudal mandarins’ lewdness and remains relevant today. Mr. Tuan again: “With Vietnam undergoing the renewal and international integration, the play exposes the timeless social vices and gives a lesson about social behavior.”

“Ngheu So Oc Hen”, a Tuong classic, premiered in 1959 and will once again stir the public at its upcoming performance at the Hanoi Opera House.