Business regulations simplified

(VOVWORLD) - In recent years, the government and the Prime Minister have paid special attention to reforming mechanisms and building an e-government to deliver better service to the public and businesses.

Under an administrative reform project, Vietnam has streamlined more than 4,800 administrative procedures, eliminated nearly 3,900 business regulations, and simplified inspection procedures on nearly 6,800 product lines saving more than 230 million USD. Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung says the government adopted a resolution to implement a plan to simplify business regulations in the next five years to realize the Party and State policies on reforming mechanisms, improving the business environment and improving competitiveness. Under the plan, 20% of business regulations will be eliminated.

“We need to drastically reform business regulations. We need to thoroughly review legal documents and eliminate 28 regulations stipulated in current documents. We need to promote online administrative procedures and gradually shift from paper-based to data-based management,” said Dung.

Vu Tien Loc, Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that under the new resolution, many procedures have been streamlined to make it easier for businesses:

"Even an annex to a decree or circular, or regulations on templates can affect the operation of a business and waste a business’s time and money and cause corruption. I think the new resolution has some good points as it not only mention business conditions, business licenses and inspections but streamlines all business regulations," said Loc.

The government administrative reform has been applauded by the public and businesses.