EU remains promising market for Vietnamese fruits

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam Trade Office in Belgium and the EU reports that European consumers are increasingly interested in tropical fruits. This means that Vietnamese fruits have new opportunities to expand market share in Europe, a demanding but high-potential market.  
EU remains promising market for Vietnamese fruits - ảnh 1Processing dragon fruit for export (Photo: VNA)

According to the office, tropical fruits have been highlighted by cuisine bloggers, prompting European consumers to try them.

Restaurants in many European countries have increased their use of tropical fruits to freshen their menus or to make common dishes more attractive.

Some kinds of tropical fruits have become common and readily available in supermarkets including pomegranates, passion fruits, lychees, and rose apples. But rambutan and dragon fruit, which are widely grown in Vietnam, are still considered exotic specialties and demand for them is on the rise, offering more opportunities for Vietnamese firms. 

The trade office said the high demand for tropical fruits in European countries means that Vietnamese fruits will likely gain market share. But tastes vary greatly. Germans, for example, buy lots of pomegranates, while the French prefer lychees and Belgians love both.

Europe has set high requirements for fruit quality, so in order to successfully export fruits to this market, Vietnamese exporters need to understand each market’s specific conditions.

They must strictly follow plant quarantine regulations, ensure that exported fruits are fresh, delicious and of good quality, and meet all pesticide residue and contaminant requirements. In addition, Vietnamese exporters also need to pay attention to packaging and preservation, using packaging suitable for each type of fruit for each market.

Penetrating the demanding but high-potential European market will bring Vietnamese businesses greater profits and affirm the brand of Vietnamese fruit worldwide.