New resolutions to tap potential for further national economic development

(VOVWORLD) - At a Party Central Committee plenum last month, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong signed a number of important resolutions which have been applauded by the public. The resolutions aim to make full use of Vietnam’s potential to drive national socio-economic development.
New resolutions to tap potential for further national economic development  - ảnh 1At the 5th plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee

The resolutions include Resolution 18 on reforming and perfecting institutions and policies and improving land use management to make Vietnam a high-income developed country; Resolution 19 on agriculture, farmers and rural areas until 2030 with a vision to 2045; and Resolution 20 on reforming, developing, and improving the efficiency of the collective economy in the new period. 

Creating momentum using land resources 

Based on the outcomes of the 10-year-implementation of 2012’s Party Resolution 19, Resolution 18 covers new issues in a more determined manner. It finalizes revision of the 2013 Land Law and related laws to ensure consistency. By 2025, Vietnam intends to have in place an integrated database system and a national information system for land-related issues.

Resolution 18 also covers some issues that were not effectively addressed by Resolution 19. It stipulates in detail compensation, assistance, resettlement, and reclamation of land to fully exploit and tap land resources in order to ensure national defense and security and promote socio-economic development. 

Bui Thi An, Director of the Institute of Natural Resources, Environment, and Community Development, said: "Resolution 18 was adopted at just the right time. It will facilitate the exploitation of land resources to increase state tax and land use revenues and make land transactions more fair. It addresses a number of land use problems and pending issues."

New resolutions to tap potential for further national economic development  - ảnh 2A corner of Da Nang city

Agriculture, collective economies strengthened 

Localities, and especially farmers, are particularly interested in Resolution 19 on "Agriculture, farmers and rural areas to 2030, with a vision to 2045". This is not just an extension of 2008’s Resolution 26 on agriculture, farmers and rural areas of the 10th Party Central Committee, but a resolution with new goals. Mr. Nguyen Tri Ngoc, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam General Association of Agriculture and Rural Development, says Resolution 19 creates a strong impetus toward ecological agriculture, modern rural areas, and civilized farmers. 

Mr. Ngoc said: "The new resolution shows the whole political system’s determination to strengthen agriculture, farmers and rural areas. To make it feasible, it’s necessary to work out breakthrough solutions. To boost agricultural development and crop production, we need to fine-tune the Land Law, which plays a decisive role in agricultural development and the transition from agricultural production to an agricultural economy." 

Meanwhile, Resolution 20 clearly defines objectives, tasks, and key solutions to boost the collective economy in the new period. The resolution stresses the need to supplement and perfect laws, mechanisms, policies, and incentives to aid collective economy development. It highlights the importance of the collective economy and says it should be developed along with the state economy to create a solid foundation for the national economy. Collective economic development is a trend that is in line with international integration and the socialist-oriented market economy.