Party building and rectification to be strengthened and expanded

(VOVWORLD) - Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has reiterated his resolve to expand the scope of Party building and rectification to wipe out individualism and build a cleaner, stronger Party and political system. At Thursday’s closing session of the three-and-a-half-day 4th plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee, Party leader Trong said the plenum renewed the determination to strengthen Party building and rectification in line with the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.

Party building and rectification to be strengthened and expanded  - ảnh 1Closing session of the 4th plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee (Photo: VNA)

Over 90 years, the Communist Party of Vietnam has established, consolidated and increasingly enhanced its leadership role, strength, and prestige with its own willpower, energy, wisdom, pioneering theory, and correct guidelines, bringing practical benefits to the people and the country. The Party’s advancement has been marked by setting an example, self-sacrifice, tireless efforts of cadres and party members, a close, solid and united organization, having a close relationship with the people, and being wholeheartedly loved, supported, and protected by the people.

Since the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people have had a right and wise leader, and thus have won one victory after another, creating miracles in the 20th century. During the renewal period, the Party led the country to overcome all difficulties and challenges and achieved great historical achievements. Vietnam has never before had as much fortune, potential, position, and international prestige as today. Vietnamese people have every right to be proud of the good nature, heroic tradition, and glorious history of the Communist Party of Vietnam, which was founded and trained by President Ho Chi Minh, the representative of the heroic Vietnamese nation.

Party building and rectification to be strengthened and expanded  - ảnh 2Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong delivers a closing speech of the plenum. (Photo: VNA)

Today, facing the requirements of the new revolutionary cause, the 13th National Party Congress early this year set forth the tasks of building and rectifying the Party, with 10 basic and uniform solutions.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said “What's new this time is that the Party Central Committee has expanded the scope of building and rectifying the Party and also building the political system in accordance with the 13th National Party Congress Resolution. In addition to preventing and repelling, it is imperative to resolutely fight and strictly handle political, moral, and lifestyle degradation, corrupt and negative behaviors, and manifestation of "self-evolution" and "self-transformation". We must supplement and clarify systematically these decadent acts to match the new situation.”

The Party Central Committee has warned of the fading of revolutionary ideals, ambiguity, and lack of confidence in the path to socialism, words and actions contrary to viewpoints and guidelines of the Party, unwillingness to fight, not daring to defend the right and fight the wrong, even partaking of wrong perceptions and views, no longer wholeheartedly devoting oneself to the country and people, failing to fulfill one’s assigned duties and responsibilities, and failing to properly observe the principles of Party building and activities. The deterioration of morality and lifestyle is reflected in living selfishly, being over pragmatic, opportunistic, self-interested, greedy for fame, greedy for power, corrupt, negative, factional, disunited, bureaucratic, distant from the people, and insensitive to the difficulties and pressing concerns of the people.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said,“The Party Central Committee agreed to perform more drastic, concrete, and practical tasks, focusing on four groups of tasks and solutions set by the 4th Plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee. The Committee added emphasis on two groups of tasks and solutions: building a contingent of cadres at all levels, especially at the strategic level, with qualified, capable, and reputable leaders, on a par with the tasks, and resolutely and persistently fighting against corruption and negativity, strictly handling wrongdoers.”

The Party Central Committee has urged the whole political system’s engagement. Each party organization, cadre, and party member, first of all, senior cadres and leaders, must be deeply and fully aware of their responsibilities to the people, country, and Party. It is imperative to strictly and effectively implement the regulations on what Party members cannot do, which was reviewed by the just-concluded Plenum of the Party Central Committee to meet the new requirements of Party building and rectification.

The Party Central Committee believes that good implementation of regulations and resolutions on Party building and rectification will have a positive impact and make a difference in building a cleaner and stronger Party and political system.

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