Social welfare helps needy people have happy Tet

(VOVWORLD) -Ensuring that unfortunate people and social policy families have a peaceful and joyful Tet is the annual task of the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels. All sectors and localities have played their part in helping disadvantaged people, demonstrating the Vietnamese tradition of solidarity and mutual affection.
Social welfare helps needy people have happy Tet - ảnh 1The Vietnam Fatherland Front of Hanoi and Soc Son district give gifts to needy people. (photo:

The Vietnam Red Cross Society launched the movement "Tet of Kindness" to raise 1.4 million USD so far this month from kindhearted people and organizations to help more than 1 million unfortunate people nationwide.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front of Hanoi gave 3,000 Tet gifts worth 64.5 million USD to poor families, social policy families, and elderly people. 200 houses of Great Unity were built for disadvantaged people.

Social welfare helps needy people have happy Tet - ảnh 2The Youth Union and Women's Union of Quang Ninh province give gifts to ethnic people in border areas. (Photo: VOV) 

Quang Ninh province spent 4.2 million USD to help poor families before the Lunar New Year.

Vu Quang Truc, Deputy Director of Quang Ninh province’s Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs, said: “These annual activities are being organized by all political and social organizations. Quang Ninh province has paid Tet visits and carried out social policies to help needy people.”

Dak Nong province organized a “Humanitarian market” to deliver essential goods to disadvantaged people. 1,000 vouchers, each worth 26 USD, were given to people to buy what they need. Nguyen Thi Mien of Hung Binh commune, Dak R’lap district, received a voucher.

“I’m very happy and moved. I hope that the province and sectors organizing the program every year to help more poor people,” said Mien.

Social welfare helps needy people have happy Tet - ảnh 3Tet of Kindness and Humanitarian market in Dak Nong province

All localities have given gifts to poor people, people with disabilities, and lonely elderly people. Several humanitarian programs have been organized, such as a Tet reunion, Tet for the poor and Agent Orange victims, and Zero Dong markets in response to the movement “the whole nation join hands for the poor to leave no one behind.”

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