“The US is back” – a message from Biden administration

(VOVWORLD) - The US under President Joe Biden’s administration has adjusted its role and approach in international relations. At the virtual “Quad” meeting with Japan, India, and Australia and the G7 meeting last week, President Biden announced his intention to restore alliances and repair rifts caused by Donald Trump’s “America first” policy.
 “The US is back” – a message from Biden administration - ảnh 1US President Joe Biden

To underline his “the US is back” promise, President Biden pledged to finance the WHO’s vaccine distribution program, return to the Paris Climate Agreement, and approve a 2 trillion USD stimulus package which will benefit both the US and the global economy. 

Changes in US foreign policy

President Biden is proving to the world, particularly the US’s allies and partners, that promises he made during his presidential campaign and at the swearing-in ceremony on January 20 will entail prompt actions.

Biden has brought the US back to the Paris Climate Agreement, extended the New START Treaty with Russia for 5 years, joined the UN Human Rights Council as an observer, renewed its membership and funding for the WHO, prepared to revisit the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and withdrawn military support for the Saudi-UAE alliance against the Houthi in Yemen.

Biden has made former Secretary of State John Kerry his special climate envoy, a new post equal to a cabinet seat. The new administration has pledged to contribute 4 billion USD to the COVAX mechanism to supply COVID-19 vaccines to low and middle income countries.

 “The US is back” – a message from Biden administration - ảnh 2Afghanistan receives COVID-19 vaccine through the COVAX mechanism Feb 7. (photo: AP/KEYSTONE)

Speaking at a virtual summit of the G7 and the Munich Security Conference last week, Biden confirmed the US’s unswerving support for the trans-Atlantic alliance. He said the US will try to regain the trust of allies and maintain its leadership position. He revealed specific steps to repair trans-Atlantic relationships.

In his first speech as President on US foreign policy, Biden said the US will cooperate with allies and partners to renew Washington’s prestige and power. Biden’s foreign policy will focus on healing alliances seriously weakened under the Trump administration. He said alliances are the US’s most valuable properties assets and pledged to stand by allies and partners to revolve challenges.

Positive effects

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President of this year's G7 Summit, lauded the actions of President Biden, remarking that America is “back as leader of the free world.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel said Biden’s statements at the G7 Summit and the Munich Security Conference are clear messages that multilateralism will be strengthened and the G7 will see more cooperation.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hailed the US’s decision to return to the UN Human Rights Council as an observer after 3 years.

The US is resuming its leadership and enhancing its influence on global issues, and Biden’s moves are receiving support from the international community.

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