Vietnam determined to build an innovative, action-oriented government

(VOVWORLD) - At the government’s first meeting of its 2021-2026 tenure, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh reiterated a determination to build an innovative, action-oriented, and effective Government in service of the people. Before the meeting, when the new government was established, all cabinet members showed their collective resolve to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and boost economic development.
Vietnam determined to build an innovative, action-oriented government - ảnh 1The Government’s first meeting of its 2021-2026 tenure (Photo:

The Government begins its mission with intertwined advantages and challenges, the biggest challenge being the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy. The Government has quickly identified and focused its resources on strategic priorities.

Prompt actions

On July 30, two days after the President gave an appointment decision to the cabinet members of the 15th tenure, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh convened a virtual government meeting with localities on pandemic prevention and control. Following the meeting, the Government issued Resolution 86, one of its most comprehensive resolutions on COVID-19 prevention and control, covering organization, professional work, expenses, operational mechanisms, and duties. The Resolution, which guides ministries, sectors, and localities in fighting the pandemic, is timely, comprehensive, and contains solutions focused on specific problems.

The Resolution repeats that vaccines are the key to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. In the Resolution, the Prime Minister points out many ways to source vaccines for people, from promoting vaccine diplomacy to expanding domestic vaccine production and technology transfer.

Later on, the Prime Minister chaired a conference on COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control with 19 cities and provinces which have imposed social distancing rules, and launched a special emulation movement urging people nationwide to stay united and join the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

To ease the burden on people during the social distancing period, the Prime Minister agreed to reduce electric prices and bills for individuals and businesses. 

The Government will allocate an additional 222 million USD from the state budget reserve to the Health Ministry to purchase equipment, chemicals, and medicines needed to fight COVID-19.

Social security expert Mac Van Tien said: “The additional 222 million USD is needed to meet emergency requirements. The public is counting on the money to be distributed to the right places to purchase desperately needed medical supplies.”

Vietnam determined to build an innovative, action-oriented government - ảnh 2Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chairs a conference on COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control with 19 cities and provinces. (Photo: VNA)

Surmounting challenges

Protecting people’s health while developing the economy is a big challenge. Even once the pandemic is contained, economic recovery will not be easy. The Government must mobilize all its resources to build infrastructure, speed up administrative reform, and develop high-quality human resources.

Prime Minister Chinh told the Government’s first meeting that difficult tasks call for strong determination.

The Government will introduce an Action Program of 409 projects and tasks to implement the Resolution of the National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 15th National Assembly. The 15th Government is determined to build an innovative, transparent, action-oriented, and effective Government to serve the people,” said Mr. Chinh.

The Government and the Prime Minister are helping businesses sustain, recover, and increase production. The Prime Minister has established a special task force to resolve problems for businesses, and has directed the Finance Ministry to quickly apply tax reductions and activate non-government resources. The Government will concentrate on institutional reforms to ensure a smoother operation of public administration, the economy, and society.

Its priorities and timely actions to serve the people provide strong reasons to believe that the Government of the 2021-2026 term will steer Vietnam through today’s unprecedented challenges to greater achievements.

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