Vietnamese cultural values promoted worldwide

(VOVWORLD) - Culture is the identity of the nation, said Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. He told the National Cultural Conference in Hanoi last November that as long as Vietnamese culture survives, the nation survives. If the culture is lost, the nation is lost. The soft power of Vietnamese culture has become an important factor in strengthening national power. So popularizing Vietnamese cultural values to the world should be the task of all Vietnamese people here and abroad.

Vietnamese cultural values promoted worldwide - ảnh 1A performance at the Vietnam Day in Slovakia in August, 2022 (photo: VOV)

Vietnam has trade relations with 230 countries and territories on 5 continents. It is the only country in Southeast Asia with a framework of strategic partnerships and comprehensive partnerships with all five permanent United Nations Security Council members. Vietnam has an ancient and unique culture and plays an increasingly important role in international relations.

After national reunification and 35 years of renewal, Vietnam’s policy of diversification and multilateralization has established cultural exchanges with countries and territories worldwide. Vietnam regularly conducts activities held abroad, such as Vietnamese Culture Day, Culture Week, and Culture Month, art performances, cultural tourism festivals, film screenings, book and photo exhibitions, seminars, and tourism promotions. Cultural exchanges have left good impression on the international community, persuading more and more countries and organizations to cooperate with Vietnam.

Vietnamese cultural values promoted worldwide - ảnh 2Lucie Janečková of Bratislava attends the Vietnam Day in Slovakia (photo: Hai Dang/VOV)

Lucie Janečková of Bratislava, Slovakia, attended the Vietnam Day organized by the Vietnamese Embassy in Slovakia in August.

She said: “The Vietnamese community is a part of Bratislava. My friends often eat Vietnamese food. I have some close Vietnamese friends. I love Vietnam.”  

Cultural events have been organized in Vietnam for foreign diplomats, journalists, artists, businesspeople, and tourists. Former Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam Rady Tayfi said Vietnam has promoted a diverse culture. He said that Vietnam has beautiful literature and poetry. Translations of literary works and poems contribute greatly to cultural exchange. He urged Vietnam and Egypt to collaborate more in translation and expand mutual cooperation.”

Cultural exchanges to promote Vietnam to the world have become a way to elevate Vietnam in the international arena.

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