Women’s status in political leadership enhanced

(VOVWORLD) - International Women’s Day, March 8, is an occasion to honor women’s role and contributions to family and society and also to promote women’s rights. Vietnam has paid attention to promoting gender equality, including ensuring women’s participation in legislative bodies at all levels.
Women’s status in political leadership enhanced - ảnh 1Prime MInister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presents flowers to National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong, and Vice President Dang Ngoc Thinh (Photo: VNA)

The 2015 Law on Election of National Assembly and People’s Councils says at least 35% of candidates for the National Assembly and People’s Councils should be female.

In number of female NA deputies, Vietnam ranks 65th of 162 countries

According to the 2020 UNDP report on Human Development, Vietnam ranks 65th of 162 countries in number of female National Assembly deputies. The current NA marked the first time that Vietnam has had NA Chairwoman. 26.7% of Vietnam’s NA deputies was female, higher than the world average of 22.8%. 3 female deputies were members of the Party Politburo, 9 were provincial Party Secretaries.

Deputy Head of the NA Committee for Social Affairs Bui Sy Loi said, 'We have honored the role of women and Vietnam’s policies on female cadres by implementing the Law on Gender Equality and the Strategy on Gender Equality.'

Female NA deputies have brought into play their talent and experience and responsibly participated in law building, overseeing, and deciding major national issues. They have also made several proposals and initiatives in revising legal documents.

Ksor H’Bo Khap of the Gia Lai NA delegation said, 'NA deputies are under pressures to make the public understand. They receive opinions from the public and convey them to relevant agencies.'

Consistent policy

Improving women’s status in politics is of great importance in achieving gender equality and serving sustainable national development and international integration. President Ho Chi Minh said: “Women account for half of society. Without liberating women, half of all humans are not liberated. Without liberating women, socialism building has only achieved half its goal.” Since its founding 90 years ago, the Communist Party of Vietnam has paid attention to gender equality, which has been reflected in Party resolutions and directives on mass mobilization and women affairs.

Tran Quoc Khanh of the Hanoi NA delegation said, 'In any period, the Party honors women’s important role in all aspects. The Party and State always create favorable conditions for women to bring into play their capacity.'