Magnificent aerial view of Cao Bang’s mountains, waterfalls

(VOVWORLD) - Cao Bang province in northeastern Vietnam, bordering China’s Guangxi province, has some famous attractions, including the Ban Gioc waterfall - the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia.

Ban Gioc waterfall in Trung Khanh district is on the Quay River, which is flanked by grassy meadows and dense forest. The waterfall is most beautiful between June and October, when it is full of water.

Videographer Hoang Linh said it took him a week to shoot this clip.

“To capture nature’s stunning beauty, I had to get up very early and leave home an hour or two before dawn, when the mountains were shrouded in mist. Sometimes, I had to wait until after dusk to capture the twinkling stars. The time just before sunrise and just after sunset is the most wonderful time to take pictures. It provides a wealth of inspiration for photographers.”

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