Another 42 victims of MH17 crash identified

(VOVworld) - Forensic experts in the Netherlands have identified another 42 victims of downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, putting the total number of victims identified so far at 65. The Dutch government said Saturday that 21 of the newly-identified victims were Dutch while the other 21 have a foreign nationality, adding that the specific nationalities of victims who are not Dutch will not be released at the request of the embassies of the countries involved.

Another 42 victims of MH17 crash identified - ảnh 1

Earlier investigators announced that 176 bodies that were relatively intact and a total of 530 files of bodies and body parts were repatriated to the Netherlands. Searching activities for the victims’ bodies have been suspended due to clashes between the Ukrainian army and the opposition group in the eastern region. There has been no specific timeframe for the investigation team to return to the crash site for further search.