Bombings in Iraq cause heavy casualties

(VOVworld) -  Iraqi health officials and police reported 37 deaths and 92 injuries in bombings on Thursday alone. A bomb set off near a popular market in the Sadr City district of eastern Baghdad killed 12 people and injured 41. Minutes later, a car bomb went off near a bloc of restaurants, also in Sadr City, killing 9 and injuring 28.

Bombings in Iraq cause heavy casualties - ảnh 1
Small restaurants burn after a car bomb attack in the Shiite district of Baghdad's Sadr City, Dec. 4, 2014. (Photo: AP)

In the Karrada district, a trade center in Baghdad, 1 civilian was killed and 3 wounded by an exploding roadside bomb. A suicide bombing in the northern city of Kirkuk claimed 15 deaths and 20 injuries.
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