COVID-19 affects 109 million people worldwide

(VOVWORLD) - The world had recorded 109.1 million COVID-19 infections and 2.4 million deaths as of 3PM on Sunday according to statistics website worldometers.

The United States remains the hardest-hit country with 28.1 million infected cases, one-third of global cases and nearly one-fifth of global deaths.

India has so far been the second worst hit nation by the pandemic with 10.9 million cases, and Brazil has the second highest number of deaths with more than 238,000 cases.

North America has more than 31.9 million cases, followed by Europe with 31.7 million, Asia with 23.7 million, South Africa with 16.6 million while Africa and Oceania were less affected, recording more than 3.7 million cases and 50,000 cases, respectively.

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