Foreigners support Vietnam’s regulation on wearing facemasks amid Covid-19 pandemic

(VOVWORLD) - Most foreigners living in Vietnam support the Vietnamese government’s regulation of wearing facemasks at public places amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Camielle, a French tourist visiting Hanoi, said wearing facemasks in public places is necessary because it’s good for everyone.

David Stone from the UK said he has had a habit of wearing facemasks at public places over the past three weeks. He said the Vietnamese government’s request to wear a facemask is timely and necessary.

“I think everybody should wear facemasks because you don’t know who may or may not spread the virus. Vietnam’s control is much better. The government lets everybody know about the pandemic like by text messages or on TV or posters. If I have to wear it then everybody should wear it, especially foreign tourists. There’s no reason why you can’t wear it,” said Stone.

Tour guide Nguyen Tuyet Nhung said that as soon as she receives visitors at the airport, she informs them about the Covid-19 situation in Vietnam and the government’s prevention and control policies, and tells them how to protect themselves and decrease the risk of spreading the virus to the community.

My responsibility is reminding visitors to wear facemasks and explaining why it is important. The Vietnamese government requires its citizens and foreigners living here to wear facemasks and wash hands frequently while visiting tourist spots. Our company also provides visitors with masks and hand sanitizer on tour," said Nhung. 

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