Iran's President optimistic about nuclear deal

(VOVworld) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday he is optimistic that a deal over Iran’s nuclear programme can be reached at the ongoing negotiations.

Iran's President optimistic  about nuclear deal - ảnh 1
The Iranian President is confident a deal can be reached in nuclear talks (Photo: skynews)

But Mr Rouhani admitted that there remained differences during the negotiation process with the West.

In his address while visiting a rehabilitation center for war invalids, Rouhani expressed his belief in the possibility of reaching an agreement adding that ‘there is nothing that cannot be resolved.’The Iranian leader said Tehran and the P5+1 group involving Britain, France, the US, Russia, China, and Germany shared points of view emerged in some of the areas where there had been a difference of opinion, which can be a foundation for a final agreement. Both sides will resume negotiations later next week, just one week toward a 31 March deadline for a framework agreement.

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