North Korea warns US not to ignore deadline for talks

(VOVWORLD) - North Korea has warned that there has been no progress in relations with the US, and that hostilities that could lead to an exchange of fire have continued.

North Korean state news agency KCNA quoted a statement by Kim Yong-chol, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on Sunday as saying it would be a mistake for the US to ignore a year-end deadline on resuming nuclear talks between the US and North Korea. In the statement, Kim said the US has been pressuring North Korea instead of heeding North Korea’s call for Washington to adopt a new approach. He added that the US has been persistently pushing other countries to impose UN sanctions on North Korea. Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un set an end-of-year deadline for denuclearization talks with Washington. The statement aims to express North Korea’s will to resume long-stalled talks.

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