Palestine to join ICC in April

(VOVworld) – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Palestine will join the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1, a move that will enable the Palestinians to pursue war-crime charges against Israel. Ban said he signed documents allowing Palestine to join 16 UN treaties, conventions, and agreements. 

Palestine to join ICC in April - ảnh 1

Israel froze the transfer of 127 million USD in tax revenues following Abbas’s decision to join the join the ICC. (Photo: Reuters)

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour said Palestine hails the UN approval as a step closer to justice for all the victims of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. Joining the ICC is part of a broader Palestinian strategy to pressure Israel into withdrawing from the occupied territories and agreeing to Palestinian statehood. A resolution to advance Palestinian statehood was rejected by the UN Security Council.

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