UN calls for action on World Environment Day

(VOVWORLD) - In a message on World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized the link between worsening air pollution and climate change. 

Besides claiming seven million lives each year and stunting children’s growth, the UN chief noted that many air pollutants contribute to global warming, which he described as “an existential threat.”The UN chief said that fighting climate change is “the battle of our lives”, one we must win by taxing pollution, ending fossil fuel subsidies, and halting the construction of new coal plants.
World Environment Day, celebrated in over 100 countries, is the United Nations’ day for encouraging international awareness and action to protect the environment. This year’s Environment Day is being hosted in Hangzhou, China, which is calling on governments, industry, communities, and individuals to take action to develop renewable energy and green technologies, and improve the air quality in cities and regions around the world.

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