US-China rising tensions over cyber-espionage accusations

(VOVworld) – The US Department of Defense said Tuesday that the US Justice Department’s accusation of China’s espionage may have a negative impact on US-China defense relations, but the possibility of a bi-lateral dialogue to resolve the issue depends on China.
US-China rising tensions over cyber-espionage accusations - ảnh 1
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said network security is a sensitive issue and the US does not expect a positive reaction from China. The Pentagon wants to keep communication channels open, but Beijing needs to do more to build trust with Washington.
The same day, Beijing summoned US Ambassador to China Max Baucus to officially protest Washington’s accusations against 5 Chinese military officials over cyber-espionage. Beijing said Washington is trying apply double standards and use these accusations to divert the public.  

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