Vietnam, Laos mark 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties

(VOVWORLD) - A 120-minute TV program connecting Hanoi and Vientiane on Tuesday featured the Vietnam-Lao relationship as the two countries mark the 55th anniversary of their diplomatic ties. 
Vietnam, Laos mark 55th anniversary of diplomatic ties - ảnh 1

Art performance at the station in Hanoi (Photo: Trong Dat/ VNA) 

The program included reports on bilateral cooperation and mutual support in war time and peace time, and art performances promoting Vietnamese and Lao culture. The audience met and conversed with individuals who helped foster Vietnam-Laos relations: Associate Professor Dam Duc Vuong, former Vietnamese expert in Laos, Major-General Huynh Dac Huong, former Commissar of the High Command of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers and military experts in Laos, and Kham Ta Duong Thong Lak, former Lao Deputy Foreign Minister and the first Lao ambassador to Vietnam.

The same day, a youth gala night of the Vietnam and Lao armies was held in Dien Bien province. The program included everlasting songs such as Dien Bien Liberation, Vietnam-Laos friendship, and Hanoi-Vientiane. Two reports on the time-honored Vietnam-Laos relations and comradeship and solidarity between the two countries during national construction and defense rounded out the program.

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