Voters confident in Government's socio-economic management

(VOVWORLD) -Vietnamese voters followed with keen interest the National Assembly’s discussion on socio-economic performance and state budget, which was broadcast live on Wednesday morning. 
Voters confident in Government's socio-economic management - ảnh 1National Assembly deputies discuss socio-economic situation and the state budget on June 1. Photo:

They said that given the flexible, quick and aggressive management of the authority, the country's economy has picked up after two years of being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People's confidence in the authority’s leadership has grown, according to voter Le Thi Huong in Hanoi. 

“I appreciate the management of the Party, Government, State, and National Assembly for achieving a high vaccination rate. This has repelled the pandemic, life is returning to normal, and socio-economy is growing. The opening up in terms of tourism economic development is the highlight for Vietnam. We believe in the guidelines and policies of the Party, State and National Assembly,” Huong said. 

Economist Dinh Trong Thinh said that the Government should have more supportive policies to reduce taxes and fees and keep a close eye on market developments. 

“In the past two years of the raging pandemic and during the reopening of the economy, the Government has managed to remove obstacles hindering socio-economic development with specific, clear, correct, and practical policies. We believe that the close and proper management of the Government will help businesses overcome difficulties and accelerate economic recovery and GDP growth,” Thinh said. 

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